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It’s The New Scrabble Word List, Innit!

The highly popular classic Scrabble board game has just had it’s list of acceptable words edited with the addition of over 3,000 extra words added to the list. Many of these words are simply ones which weren’t in there before such as the word “qin”, which is a Chinese musical instrument. But many more of the words are slang terms or names of things, it’s these words w...[Read More]

Limited Edition Dr Who Monopoly Board Game

With the multiple versions of the Monopoly board game available on the market today it’s really hard to keep up with the different types and varieties, especially if you’re an avid collector of all the different versions. There have been versions been made for the most popular cities in the world across multiple countries, football teams, Universities, TV programs, theme parks and much...[Read More]

Custom One Of A Kind Tron Board Game

If you’re a fan of all things Scifi then you’re going to love this next news item! A guy called Brett King has designed and one of a kind board game to play with his kids which is based off of the original “Tron” movie. Tron was released back in 1982 and was an American science fiction film which was written and directed by Steven Lisberger. The movie is basically based around a computer security ...[Read More]

Candy Land Board Game Coming To The Big Screeens

The making of films around popular classic board games seems to be the way everyone is going at the moment. Just recently you’ll remember we announced that the Monopoly movie was coming in the next couple of years and that Hub have just announced the Scrabble television show and the Life board game television show. The Candyland board game is a children’s board game based in “Candyland”, which is ...[Read More]

Olympos Board Game Coming April 2011

It seems that more often these days “we”, at Board Games Critic, are announcing a new board game release every other week and this week is no different. The French games company Ystari along with the games designer Phillipe Keyaerts has come up with a brand new game which will allow players to build and control their own Greek civilization. Ystari were also responsible for the development of such ...[Read More]

Hub Will Show Life Board Game & Scrabble Board Game Shows

“The Hub” is a network channel which is owned and run by the Hasbro giant, this family channel is aimed at kids and the entire family. The first game show they showed was called “Family Game Night” and it was such a big success that they announced yesterday that they would be releasing two brand new game shows based on the Scrabble board game and the Life board game (Game of Life). The Scrabble ve...[Read More]

Monopoly Coming To Colombia

The massively popular and successful Monopoly board game has finally made it’s way to Colombia. The Monopoly board game is around 75 years old, having been released back in the 1930′s. In it’s time there have been somewhere around 250 million copies sold around the board. There have been multiple versions, editions and special editions, with special versions including those made from Chocolate, so...[Read More]

Classic Monopoly Board Game Sells For $146,500

The Monopoly board game, originally known as the Landlords game, recently sold at the UK auction house Southerby’s for $146,500 which was almost double the original estimate. Looking at the board of the game myself, it certainly wasn’t anything like I’d associate with a “normal” Monopoly board, in fact the board is made in the original cloth circular design which was hand made by Charles Darrow hi...[Read More]

The WordPress Board Game, Are They Serious?!

So you’ve heard of the hugely successful open source platform they call WordPress, with millions of downloads every year there’s hardly anyone who builds websites and hasn’t used WordPress. Well now there is a WordPress board game, the game premiered at the Word Camp Indonesia event back in January 2011. When I first read bout the new board game I didn’t exactly understand ...[Read More]

Monopoly Board Game Gets Intelligent In 2011 With Monopoly Live!

In the fall of 2011 Hasbro Inc are due to release a brand new modern version of the classic favourite, the Monopoly board game. The Monopoly board game has been around in one form or another since 1935, in fact there was an earlier version designed in the early 1900′s, know as The Landlords Game, which Monopoly is said to have been “born” from. In all that time we have seen many versions, editions...[Read More]

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