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Build Your Own Board Game With Lego’s Heroica Series

If you’ve been looking for something for the entire family which can brighten up your board game nights then we may have the perfect thing for you. Lego has recently released their own range of Lego board games which bring strategy, family gaming and customization all into a series of brilliant board games. Lego has come up with a series of fun board games which provide a twist on the usual strate...[Read More]

Isle Of Man Monopoly Set To Be Released This October

Just a few months back we reported that the Isle of Man, a small Island in the UK, was set to get it’s own Isle of Man edition of the highly popular board game, Monopoly. At that time there were openings for people to make suggestions and submissions as to which places they wanted to see on their own version of the board game. Well now the places and locations for this Isle of Man Monopoly have no...[Read More]

Risk Metal Gear Solid Edition Coming Soon

Metal Gear Solid is the second popular strategy video game to make it to the board games world, just a few weeks back we announced that Gears Of War would be releasing a board game. Well now a Metal Gear Solid version of RISK has been announced for the Metal Gear Solid video game. The Metal Gear Solid video game is a game by Hideo Kojima, it was developed by Konami in 1998 for the PS. The game fol...[Read More]

Hasbro Toys Launch Connect 4 Launchers Edition

The Connect 4 board game was originally published back in 1974 by the Milton and Bradley company and since then it’s seen many variations and editions released out onto the marketplace. The game is designed for youngsters around 7 years and up and the overall playing time is usually around 10-20 minutes. The game requires a little bit of fore thinking strategy to play well in that you have to anti...[Read More]

Gears Of War Board Game Coming Soon!

Gears of War is a game which was originally developed by Epic Games and actually released onto the marketplace by Microsoft Game Studios as an Xbox game back in 2006. Well now the Gears of War board game is on it’s way. The original video game saw the Delta Squad troops fighting to save the human planet from the enemy known as the Locust Horde. Overall the game was extremely popular on it’s initia...[Read More]

Mayfair Gets Bumped From Monopoly Board

Ever since it’s release into the market over 60 years ago the traditional London based Monopoly board game has contained the street Mayfair in it’s setup but that’s about to change. One of the most appealing things about Monopoly is it’s ability to be able to work in almost any market, theme or structure and it’s adaptation is one of the main things which has enabled it to sell over 20 million cop...[Read More]

Justice League & Super Friends Board Games Coming Soon

The Warner Bros company have teamed up with Wonder Forge to design, create and release a series of kids board games based around DC Super Friends and The Justice League. The Justice League, or Justice League Of America (JLA), were founded in 1960 and are a fictional group of superheros which appeared in DC Comics. The Justice League has included many superheros since it’s inception in the 60’s, mo...[Read More]

Awkward Family Photos Board Game Released!

The Awkward Family Photos board game is a brand new board game which has been released by the guys who own the website Awkward Family Photos DOT com, it’s also based upon the book of “Awkward Family Photos”. Awkward Family Photos DOT com is a blog which was started by Mike and Doug after they saw an awkward family photo from a family vacation. They soon realised that there were probably lots of pe...[Read More]

Scrabble Coming To Mobile Android!

The Scrabble board game is the popular word/educational board game which has been around for decades and is known throughout households across the world. The game is loved and played by people of all ages and skill levels and loved by many. It’s our pleasure to announce here that Scrabble will finally be coming to android mobile devices and the best thing is it’s going to be free. It wasn’t too lo...[Read More]

The Dabble Board Game, A Successful Inventor At 84!

George Weiss is an 84 year old inventor from Brooklyn in New York, he’s been inventing games and products for over 50 years but until now none of them have had any success. George has released some 80 different board games and gadgets and all were refused but now he has finally hit the jackpot and his Dabble board game has been taken up by a major toy manufacturer to be sold around the entire coun...[Read More]

Settlers Of Catan Coming To Mobile Android

The Settlers Of Catan board game is the popular Strategy board game created by Klaus Teuber from Germany. The board game was a big hit when it was released in iPhone and iPad format a while ago and since then gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Android version of this massively successful board game. The mobile version of Catan allows players to collectively sit around the device ...[Read More]

Settlers Of Catan Book From Rebecca Gable

Right here at Board Games Critic we’ve had news from one of our sources to let us know that a very cool novel based upon the Settlers of Catan board game is due to be released within the next couple of months. More precisely the book is due to be released on the 15th November 2011. The Settlers of Catan book is going to be will be [easyazon-link asin=”1611090814″]available to buy through Amazon, a...[Read More]

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