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Looking for a Change? Five Top Card Games Worth Trying in 2015

Board games will always be popular amongst families, especially when they’re out on a family holiday and want to spend some time together doing something fun that you don’t do every day – a family board game or card game is the perfect choice. That said though, card games have remained just as popular as board games today. But which one should you choose?! We’ve laid out our top 5 favourite card g...[Read More]

Our Top 4 Picks For Halloween Board Games

It’s almost that time of year again when Halloween is just a few weeks away and people all over the world are starting to buy their supplies for Halloween including their Halloween costumes. Halloween though isn’t just about the Halloween costumes it can also be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the family, have fun and generally relax. If you’re thinking of spending the night in...[Read More]

Your Guide To Free Online Board Games

Today you will find plenty of online board games to enjoy, including the themed slots games. Casinos achieved great success offering board-themed slots games with the most incredible bonus offers. So, grab the chance of free playing by taking advantage of the no deposit bonuses provided by the best online casinos in Canada. Not only will you be surprised by the immersive design and graphics, but b...[Read More]

Where To Play Plants Vs Zombies Online Free, No Downloads

Plants Vs Zombies is a colorful and fun online game which sees a group full of fun-loving Zombie creates invading your home and trying to take over the place. Luckily though you’ve got an arsenal of Zombie eating plans which allow you to use all sorts of weapons in the fight against the Zombies. In particular the Plants Vs Zombies game allows you to fire peashooters, cherry bombs, wall-nuts and mu...[Read More]

Where To Play Bejeweled 2 Online Free

The Bejeweled game is another online game which has been developed and released onto the market by the Popcap games company, the game company also responsible for the Plants Vs Zombies free online game. The Bejeweled game is a puzzle game and it’s estimated that somewhere around 25 million copies of the Bejeweled game have been downloaded since it’s released back in 2001. The Bejeweled game was or...[Read More]

How Do You Win The Scrabble Board Game?

The Scrabble board game is one of those classic word/trivia board games which has been around a good number of years and is thus very well known throughout most households. The aim of the game is to create as many words with as many of your letters as possible throughout the game, with the aim of getting the highest score possible. Obtaining a high score is where the strategy comes in. What you wi...[Read More]

Understanding Common Board Game Terminologies

Being able to understand the board game terminology is really not the most complex thing in the world but it is required when you are playing board games and for those of you who would consider yourselves to be a beginner it may not be as remedial as you may first think. These aren’t terms which you will need to commit to memory and once you’ve come across them once or twice you will h...[Read More]

Where Can You Play Scrabble Online FREE, No Downloads

The Scrabble board game has been around ever since I can remember, it’s the simple word board game which requires players to create words from their dealt tiles onto a grid shaped board. The aim of the game is for players to score the highest number of points possible using as many of their letters as possible. Despite the fact that board game sales and board game clubs appear to be less popular t...[Read More]

Great Kids Board Games The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Play a board game as a family is a great way of the family spending quality time together and interacting with each other, something which is often neglected in today’s fast paced society. So in this article we are going to try and help you highlight the kids board games which are most enjoyable for both the kids and the adults alike, and are perfect for the whole family. There are hundreds, if no...[Read More]

Playing Monopoly, 8 Tips To Playing A Better Game

Playing the Monopoly board game for the first time can be a rather daunting task, you can learn how to play Monopoly by reading the instructions and by watching videos but how do you get good at Monopoly. In this article we aim to provide you with some of our own tips and tricks which can help you to become good at the board game of Monopoly. Monopoly Tip 1 – The Right Properties The first importa...[Read More]

The Best 5 Educational & Fun Word Board Games

Essentially board games are designed and made for fun, along the way they may also facilitate family bonding and group interaction. But word games essentially provide more than that, word board games can better people’s language skills, expand their overall vocabulary and increase the ability to think quickly. Some of the top board games which we’ve selected here at Board Games Critic are listed a...[Read More]

The Best 5 Family Board Games

Playing board games as we all know is something which is done far less today than it used to be, board games have taken second place next to computer games and more technical gadgets. However what’s the real truth, are board games less popular or are people just forgetting that they exist as a fantastic form of entertainment. I think most people will probably agree it’s the latter. Board games alw...[Read More]

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