Balderdash Board Game

Balderdash Board Game

The Balderdash board game is a fun Trivia board game from Mattel which is great for parties and gatherings of family and friends.

The Balderdash board game begins by all players taking it in turns to roll a dice and he person who rolls the highest score is selected to become the “dasher”. Once the dasher has been selected he or she will select a “definition card” from the board of cards supplied with the game, they then roll the dice again and decide, from the numbers of the dice, which if the words is going to be used. The dasher will then write down the definition of this word on a piece of paper, this definition may or may not be true, either because the dashed does not know the definition or they’re “bluffing” for tactical reasons. All remaining players in the game also write down their own definitions of the word.

Once everyone has written down their own definition of the word these are all submitted to the dasher and read out loud, players then vote to decide which one they believe is the correct one. Any player which gets the definition correct is awarded points. Players are also awarded points for each player who believes their fake definitions.

Balderdash Game Information
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Game Genre: Trivia/Family
Suitable For: 12 Years And Up
Number Of Players: 2 – 6 Players
Approx Playing Time: 30 – 60 Minutes
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History Of Game Of Balderdash & It’s Origins

Balderdash was designed by Laura Robinson and Paul Toyne and released back in 1984.

The Balderdash board game was originally based upon Dictionary which was an old parlour game from many years ago. This very popular board game was re-published as a board game in 1971 and called “The Dictionary Game”. Then further on in 1984 the Mattel company re-worked and re-published the Dictionary board game as Balderdash, the game we know and love as the classic bluffing trivia board game.

Interesting Facts About Balderdash

  • Balderdash was also the basis of a US game show

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

Balderdash has been released in a few different versions, the most different was the game sequel called “Beyond Balderdash”. Beyond Balderdash included more unusual words as well as obscure acronyms, names, movie titles and dates.

Balderdash was also the basis of the same named game show which was broadcast in the US between August 2004 and February 2005. This game show was presented by Elayne Boosler.