Stratego Board Game

Stratego, as the name suggests, is a strategy board game which is based around a 10×10 board which is played by two players. Each player has 40 peices in the game and those peices represent soliders, all of varying ranks and capabilities. The overall aim of the game is for a player to discover and capture their opponents flag as quickly as possible. Alternatively the player should capture as many of the opponenets peice as possible, meaning their opponent cannot take the game any further.

One of the great points to this game is that fact that neither of the players can see the ranks of their opponents peices, leaving an element of surprise in the game.

Stratego Game Information
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Game Genre: Strategy
Suitable For: 8 – 15 Years
Number Of Players: 2
Approx Playing Time: 45 Minutes
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History Of Game Of Stratego & It’s Origin

Quite surprisingly the Stratego board game dates back a lot farther than you may think, it’s origins go back somewhere to the times of a traditional Chinese board game which was called Jungle. The Jungle board game had many similarities with Stratego, the only major difference being that the game was played with animals instead of soliders.

The first closest version of Stratego appeared in Europe at a time before WWI and was called L’attaque, the game had been patented by a French woman called Hermance Edan back in 1908. It’s thought that L’attaque took many of it’s similarities from the origional Chinese depiction called Jungle.

The version of Stratego which we know and love today was released into America back in 1961 by the Milton Bradley company who had acquired rights to distribute the game. The game was originially designed by Jacques Johan Mogendorff.

Interesting Facts About The Stratego Board Game

  • Stratego competitions are held year upon year all over the world

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

Stratego has been released in two main versions, the board game version and the computer/CD-ROM based version. The board game version has around 6 different editions the most popular being the Stratego, Official Modern Version.

The game has also given rise to many variations/editions of the origional and just a few of these include:

  • Stratego The Lord of the Rings
  • Stratego Star Wars
  • Stratego Chronicles of Narnia
  • Stratego Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Stratego Marvel Comics
  • Stratego Transformers
  • Stratego Sharpe’s Assault
  • Stratego Duel Masters