Sequence Board Game

Sequence Board Game is a combination of two types of game distributed by Jax Games Ltd, a board game and a card game. The game consists of a playing board, which has on it two decks of cards depicted in the background of the board, not including the Jacks or Jokers. It also has 3 different colors of playing chips including green, red and blue, adding up to 135 chips in total. The game also includes two standard decks of playing cards.

The game is designed to be played by either 2/3 players OR 2/3 teams of people. Each of the teams OR players is dealt a certain number of cards and have a set of chips of a certain color. The aim of the game is to place a chip of their color, in sequence, onto the pictures of cards which correspond to the cards in their hand, only one card is played at any one time. The purpose of this is for the player to form a row of their on colored chips in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

There is a little more to the game than fully described above but essentially it can be fun for adults and kids alike, and involves a little skill to get good at the game. Take the time to learn how to block your opponents, watch out for the Jacks.

Sequence Game Information
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Game Genre: Strategy
Suitable For: 8 Years And Over
Number Of Players: 2 To 12 Players
Approx Playing Time: 20 Minus
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A History Of Sequence & It’s Origin

The Sequence Board Game was developed by Jax Ltd, a board game manufacturer and distributor is the USA. The board/card game is actually older than you may think and it’s origins stem back to a commercial version which was released some years ago called Jack Foolery. The Jax company took the game to a commercial level in the US when they named the game Sequence. In addition to the original US version, Sequence is available in Canada by another name, Double Series.

Interesting Facts About Sequence

Sequence was originally called Jack Foolery but the name was changed in the commercial version released by Jax Ltd.

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions Sequence

There are many different versions of the Sequence Board Game available for all occasions, the most popular versions include:

  • Jumbo Sequence
  • Travel Sequence
  • Sequence Deluxe
  • Sequence For Kids
  • Sequence States & Capitals
  • Sequence Numbers
  • Sequence 25th Anniversary Edition