Risk Board Game

The Risk Board Game is a legendary game is a game of strategy and tactics in which the board of the game is a political map of the Earth which is equally split up into 42 territories, and these 42 are then divided into 5 continents. The overall aim of the game is simply “World Domination”, in other words your aim is to take over every other territory of the board and eliminate your opponents. You achieve this with your powerful army of soldiers, the more powerful you get and the better you are at the game then you larger your army grows.

The official Risk Board Game is designed for up to 6 players so is great for all of those family occassions or if you just want to keep the children quiet. As far as board games go it’s completely different from anything else you’d ever expect to find in a board game, which is part of it’s appear.

If you want a board game with a difference, this one is certainly worth a second look.

Risk Game Information
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Game Genre: Strategy
Suitable For: 12 Years And Over
Number Of Players: 2 To 6 Players
Approx Playing Time: 1 – 6 Hours
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A History Of Risk & It’s Origins

The Risk Board Game was originally produced by the Parker Brothers game company, which is now part of Hasbro toys along with Waddingtons. The game concept was created and developed in 1957 by a French film director by the name of Albert Lamorisse, at that time the game was called La Conquete du Mode which in English meant “The Conquest Of The World”.

Origionally released in France the game was a huge success and it soon became a world wide game which was renamed as Risk. Since that time it’s been reproduced in many versions in the form of board games, online games, video games and VCR versions.

Interesting Facts About Risk

  • The Risk Board Game was originally called “La Conquete du Mode”.

Notable versions, Editions & Special Editions Of Risk

The Risk Board Game has been released in many different versions and eitions, including computer and video editions. The following are the most notable English releases of Risk to date.

  • Risk
  • Castle Risk
  • Risk: the Lord of the Rings
  • Risk Godstorm
  • Risk: Star Wars: Clone Wars Edition
  • Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition
  • Risk: the Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Edition
  • Risk: The Transformers Edition
  • Risk Junior: Narnia
  • Risk: Halo Wars
  • Risk 40th Anniversary Edition
  • Risk: 2210 A.D.
  • Risk: the Lord of the Rings: Gondor & Mordor Expansion Set

Full details of the licensed Risk Board Games can be seen here.

French editions included:

  • La Conquête du monde
  • Risk: Édition Napoléon: Extension Empire Ottoman
  • Risk: Édition Napoléon