Clue Board Game

The Clue Board Game developed by Waddingtons (also known as Cluedo Board Game outside of North America), has enticed player after player to get involved in this classic detective game year after year. For generations the character Mr Boddy has met his maker inside one of the rooms of the legendary Clue mansion, always at the hand of one of the 6 usual suspects.

Now it’s your chance to be part of the legendary game and try to work how “who done it”! Was it Professor Plum in the Library with the Candlestick? Maybe it was Mrs. Peacock in the Conservatory with the Wrench! It’s time for you to put on your detective hat and put your sluthing skills to practice in this strategic game of detection which requires you to sniff out the murderer, location and murder weapon. Will you have what it takes to bring Mr Boddy’s killer to justice?

The Clue Board Game can be played by up to 6 players and is a fantastic game for those families occasions such as Christmas afternoon or any weekend afternoon with the family.

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Game Genre: Strategy/Murder Mystery
Suitable For: 8 Years & Over
Number Of Players: 2-6
Approx Playing Time: 1-2 Hours
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A History Of Clue/Cluedo & It’s Origins

The origins of the Clue board game date back to around 1944 when an English gentleman by the name of Anthony Pratt filed a patent for a new board game which he called Murder. The purpose of the game was for use during air raid drills in the underground bunkers, since it’s invention was during the time of WWII. The game was soon after shown to one of the Waddingtons’ executives where it was purchased immediately by the company and trademarked as Cluedo.

It was due to the shortages which existed post war that the game was delayed in it’s final public release which was some time later in 1949, at the very same time the game was also co-licensed by Parker Brothers, another big game manufacturer at the time. This lead to a US publication of the game called Clue and the other publication of the game called Cluedo which was seen around the rest of the world.

Major Differences Between Clue And Cluedo

There weren’t really any major differences to speak of, they were more minor changes which were made. The biggest changes were made between the conception of the game by Anthony Pratt and it’s publication by the two game companies. The original version was designed to have 10 characters rather than the 6 we all know and love, in addition there were also meant to be 9 weapons as opposed to the 6 we now see in the game. The final change was that there were originally meant to be 11 rooms to the mansion house featured in the game, this was whittled down to 10 in the version released to the public.

Interesting Facts About Clue

  • Clue, or Cluedo as it’s better known, was originally released to pass the time spent in air raid shelters by those left behind during WWII.
  • The characters eliminated from the original design include Miss Grey, Colonel Yellow, Nurse White, Mrs Silver, Mr Gold and Mr Brown.
  • The weapons eliminated from the original design include an axe, syringe, shillelagh, walking stick, bomb, poison and fireplace poker.
  • The eleventh room eliminated from the original design was the Gun room.

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions Of Clue

  • Cluedo: 50th Anniversary
  • Clue “Nostalgia Edition”
  • Clue “Vintage Edition”
  • Clue Junior Edition