Chess Board Game

The ancient war game that is Chess isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the game isn’t for the faint hearted and if you are playing against anyone who has even the slightest experience then you may wish you hadn’t.

The Chess board game is a strategy board game which can be played by two players, the board consists of a 64 squared board arrangement. Each player has sixteen pieces made up from one queen, one king, two knights, two bishops and eight pawns.

The object of the game is to checkmate the opponents king so that there is no way to defend or remove it from attack. This is where skilled players excel at Chess, their entire game strategy from beginning to end is to “manipulate” the movement of your pieces into a “checked” position.

chess board game Game Information
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Game Genre: Strategy
Suitable For: 5 Years And Over
Number Of Players: 2 Players
Approx Playing Time: 2 Hours
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A History Of The Chess Board Game & It’s Origins

The earliest record we are lead to believe is that it originated in India during the 6th century was known as Caturariga and was made up of four divisions, the infantry, cavalry, elephants and chariotry. These have now evolved into the pawn, knight, bishop and rook. The game reached Western Europe around the 9th century.

Interesting Facts About Chess

  • Tournaments are held all over the world with the earliest modern one being held in London in 1851 and was won by a German.
  • Today, chess is taught to children in schools around the world and tournaments are held on a regular basis
  • The worlds best players today are awarded with lifetime titles by the world chess organisation and is open to both men and women.
  • Many thousands of books have been written and dozens of periodicals cover the game of chess.