Trouble Board Game

The Trouble board game is a great little kids board game which is certain to keep those little ones entertained for at least a few hours.

The point of the board game is for each player to move their pieces all around the board by rolling a dice. Each player has four pieces to move around the board and it’s the first person to move all of their four pieces around the board to win.

One of the main differences of this board game in comparison to other dice based board game is that this one has it’s dice contained in a Pop-O-Matic dice container which is a clear plastic dome containing the two dice. When a player presses down hard and quick on the dome the dice “pop” back up and this causes them to roll. The Pop-O-Matic container was put into place to not only give a bit of a twist to the game but also to prevent players from controlling their roll of the dice and from loosing the dice when rolled.

There isn’t much strategy in this board game, the player who usually throws the larger amount of higher value numbers will usually win as they are able to move thier pieces around the board to the finish time much quicker than their opponents.

Trouble Game Information
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Game Genre: Kids
Suitable For: 5-9 Years
Number Of Players: 2-4
Approx Playing Time: 30 Minutes
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A History Of The Trouble Board Game

The Trouble board game was originally manufactured by Milton Bradley company, the company was later bought out by Hasbro and so the game is now owned by Hasbro Entertainment. The game itself was developed by the Kohner Brothers, Frank & Paul, who initially had the game manufactured by Irwin Toy Ltd, it wasn’t until some time later that Milton Bradley took over.

The Trouble board game has been around some 50+ years, being developed and released into the USA back in 1965. The game has seen varying success in different localities around the world but overall has been well received and very successful.

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

There have been quite a few different variants of the game produced but none of them have had the success seen by the original Trouble board game. The main variant was called Double Trouble, a board game very similar to the original, the only major difference being that this version featured two boards attached to one another rather than the single board.

Milton Bradley company also released several similar games to Trouble, the main ones being Frustration and Headache.