Taboo Board Game

Taboo Board Game

The Taboo board game is a fun board game designed to be used a parties and is a lot of fun if there is a large group of you. The aim of the game is for the one person to try and get the other people in the game to guess the word written on a card they’ve selected, but the fun part comes because you’re not allowed to use that word or any of the additional 5 words listed on the card. It’s actually quite difficult when you think about it.

Ideally there should be at least 4 people playing this game at any one time to make it fully worthwhile. You can involved the whole family, even the kids as there are many junior versions of the Taboo board game available to buy. Most of the editions include at least 100 game cards so the game will go for some time. At one point in the past Hasbro did offer additional word cards as an expansion to the board game but these have since been discontinued.

Taboo Board Game Game Information
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Game Genre: Fun
Suitable For: 6 Years And Over
Number Of Players: 4+
Approx Playing Time: 1 Hour
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History Of Game Of Life Board Game & It’s Origins

The Taboo board game was designed by Brian Hersch back in 1989 so the game is over 20 years old. Some time later the game was taken over and republished by Hasbro Entertainment and has become an extremely popular board game which is played at many parties across the year, especially Christmas.

Interesting Facts About The Game Of Life Board Game

  • Taboo was made the basis of an American game show back in 2002 called Taboo, the show was hosted by Chris Wylde.

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

There have been many variations of the Taboo board game, some have even been non-Hasbro versions which included Ta-BooYa and Tabu. Whilst there have been many versions of Taboo released by Hasbro the most notable include Taboo Junior, Taboo Quick Draw, Celebrity Taboo and the Big Taboo.