Cranium Board Game

Cranium Board Game

The Cranium board game is a creative fun family board game which was originally based on the Ludo board game. The entire concept/point to this board game was to provide a game which required the players to use a variety of skills rather than just rolling a dice or answering questions. This game is truly a multi-activity game which requires multiple skills to complete successfully.

Cranium is a team player game and in order to play it you need to split your players into 2, 3 or 4 teams of equal number. The board consists of 4 player counters, 600 playing cards (150 of each color), some clay, pencils and pads. The overall aim of the game is to move your teams counter from the start of the board to the end before any of your opponents. This is achieved by rolling the 10 sided colored die, selecting and completing a corresponding activity card and moving forward to the next planet cranium space. Once you’re team has advanced to the final Cranium Central space then one final activity is completed before advancing to victory.

The activities in Cranium include a wide variety of things including sculpting, singing, dancing and many other silly but fun tasks.

This is truly a challenging but fun game for all the family.

cranium board game Game Information
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Game Genre: Fun/Family
Suitable For: 12 Years And Over
Number Of Players: 2 To 4 teams
Approx Playing Time: 45 Minutes
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A history of Cranium Board Game & Its Originscranium-board-game-board

The Cranium board game was based around the traditional game of Ludo. The concept and design came about because the designers, Whit Alexander and Richard Tait, recognised that there was a gap in the market for a board game which required players to use a range of different skills when playing, rather than just one. The board game was only released into the market in 1998, so in board game terms is relatively new but still very successful.

The two designers of Cranium founded the board game under it’s own company which was later bought out by the gaming giants, Hasbro Entertainment.

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

Cranium comes in two main versions, the board game and the video game. There are a range of editions available which cater for people of different ages. Cadoo is a version which was created mainly for children, Conga was a version which was created mainly for the older audience and the turbo edition was created for those who wanted a faster game. A few other versions were also created that are quite similar to each other with a few small exceptions and they are the Cranium Wow Edition and Cranium The Family Fun Game. The video game version of Cranium is called Cranium Kabookii.

If you already own the Cranium board game and you’re looking to give it some new life then there are Booster Boxes available which contain a new deck of cards, these cards provide a new range of activities.