Sorry Board Game

Sorry isn’t just the hardest word to say, it’s also a childrens board game which is based on an ancient Cross and Circle format, in particular it’s based on the game Pachisi. This game is sold and distributed by the popular Parker Brothers company were also responsible for many other well known board games such as the Monopoly board game, Clue board game plus many, many others.

The Sorry board game is designed for between 2 and 4 players and the overall objective of the game is for the winner to be the first player who is able to get all of his or her colored pawns to the home space on the Sorry board.

The Sorry board game board is laid out in a square formation which is 15 squares by 15 squares in size. Sorry is a game of strategy, luck and skill which is easy for children and adults a like to grasp and get used to. The players take it in turn to draw cards from the deck and move their pieces around the board according to the instructions on the card selected. The overall purpose being to get all of your players to the home square. But beware as you’re progress will likely be hindered as your opponents aim to force your pawns back to the starting line.

Sorry Game Information
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Game Genre: Strategy/Family
Suitable For: Children Over 5 Years
Number Of Players: 2 – 4 Players
Approx Playing Time: 30 Minutes
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A History Of Sorry & It’s Origins

The Sorry board game was originally developed by the Parker Brothers game corporation, a company which was eventually taken over by Hasbro Entertainment.

This popular board game has been traced back to 1929 when a gentleman called William Henry Storey, from Southend-on-Sea, filed the “Sorry” board game patent. Eventually the game was picked up by the Waddingtons board game company who began selling the game in 1934.

Eventually the patent went international and a Canadian patient was granted in 1932. The Parker Brothers game company then began publishing the game from 1934.

Interesting Facts About Sorry

  • The concept of Sorry was based around an ancient Cross and Circle game called Pachisi. Pachisi’s history dates back as far as the 16th century, it may have existed before that but it’s history prior to this is not documented

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

Sorry has been produced in many, many versions around the world, such versions included a Sorry video game and a Sorry travel game called Sorry! Express.

In addition to the above versions of the game, many special editions were produced. The most notable including Sorry! The Disney Edition, Sorry! Simpsons Edition, Sorry! Spider-Man 3 Edition, Sorry! Nostalgia and Sorry! Family Game Night Edition.