Payday Board Game

Payday Board Game

The Payday board game is a money/family board game which has very similar aims and objectives to the Monopoly board game, that being to have the most money in your pocket by the time the game ends. The length of the game is pre-determined by the players.

The board of the game is set out in the form of one calender month, so is meant to represent real life. On each turn the player rolls the dice and moves their piece the number of spaces specified by the dice. The space on which they land will contain instructions on what they need to do from loosing a poker game, winning the lottery, take out a loan, getting paid or paying the mortgage. The game is meant to represent the upsides and downsides of real life.

Once the allotted time for the game is over each player counts up their money and takes off any outstanding loans, the player with the most money comes home victorious.

Payday Game Information
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Game Genre: Strategy/Family
Suitable For: 8 – 12 Years
Number Of Players: 2 – 4 Players
Approx Playing Time: 30-40 Minutes
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A History Of The Payday Board Game

The Payday board game is a very similar game to Monopoly with very similar aims and objectives. The game itself was designed by a man called Paul Gruen who hailed from Massachusetts USA, this was in the year 1975. A little time later the game was taken and produced by the Parker Brothers company, which is now a subsidiary of the Hasbro corporation.

The Payday board game wasn’t the only game Gruen had designed, he also designed Bonkers, Carrom as well as many more. But the Payday game was the most successful of all his games, actually outselling Monopoly in it’s first year of production. The game is still sold today but isn’t as popular as it once was.

Interesting Facts About Payday

  • The Payday board game outsold Monopoly by far during it’s first year of production

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

There are two main versions of the Payday board game, the original and the Big Payday board game. The Big Payday board game is just like the original version but a lot bigger, it has more money, more cards, more game play and a double Decker board.

As far as editions there is a 1975 edition, 2000 edition and the classic edition.