Simpsons Monopoly USAopoly Edition

USAopoly is a company that was formed back in 1994 when the founders decided they wanted to put a hometown type spin on the classic board game of Monopoly. This led to a licensing agreement in which USAopoly secured the rights to sell the world famous Hasbro game Monopoly under their own brand with different versions, editions and spin-offs of the game.

USAopoly have released over a 100 different versions of the Monopoly board game under their USAopoly brand, including local versions, versions based on bike companies like Harley Davidson and organisations like NFL. The first of the USAopoly board games released by the company was actually the USAopoly Simpson’s Monopoly board game.

The Simpson’s USAopoly board game is somewhat different to the standard Simpson’s Monopoly which was released by Hasbro originally. Landmarks in this game up for sale now include the Bowl-A-Rama, the Kwik-E-Mart, the Nuclear Powerplant and other popular Springfield landmarks.

The houses and hotels which are usually found in the Monopoly game have been replaced out with the Monorail Stops and Stations. In addition to that all of the Chest cards and Chance cards have been modified to bring together the whole Simpson’s experience. This version also includes 6 collectible pewter tokens which feature the characters Homer, Bart, kang the Alien, Blinky, Santa’s Little Helper and Jebediah, the original founder of Springfield.

This collectible board game will be a hit amongst any avid Simpson’s or Monopoly collector. [easyazon-link asin=”B00005IX8V”]Buy the USAopoly version today.[/easyazon-link]