Simpsons Monopoly Haunted Treehouse Of Horror Edition

Hasbro’s Monopoly is bought to life in yet another version of the Simpsons Monopoly board game. There are currently around 3 official versions which carry the Simpsons theme, this is one of them and the other two are the Simpsons Electronic Banking Edition and the Simpsons USAopoloy board game.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Monopoly builds upon the popular Halloween franchise which was first seen in the 3rd season of the Simpsons. This version of the game has been very well customized to become a truly ghostly edition of Monopoly which features many of the popular, scary places seen in the original series. In total there are 22 places from The Treehouse of Horror series.

This version of the game gives you the opportunity to buy and sell such locations as the Springfield Cemetry, House of Evil, Burns’ Secret Laboritry as well as many others. The game also features 6 glow in the dark custom tokens, with the option availble to purchase 4 addition ones to complete the collection. The token characters feature Alien Maggie, Dracula Burns, Fly Head Bart, Werewolf Ned, The Collector and finally Donut Head Home. The 4 additional tokens can be purchased by filling out the game insert which is found inside the game box. The four additional characters include The Twins Joined, Owl Lisa, Witch Marge and Tractor Willie, these are well worth getting hold of if you’re a real collector.

The game is well presented with never before seen art work designed and created by FOX.