Simpsons Monopoly Board Game

Everyone loves that lovable family from Springfield, the Simpson’s. If you’re a fan of the Simpson’s and you love the Monopoly board game then you’re in for a treat because there are several versions of the Simpson’s board game available for you to purchase. A list of these versions can be seen below along with further information and online deals.

The Simpson’s family have been around on our Television screens since at least the late 80’s in one form or another, they’ve even starred in the Simpson’s movie. The family consists of Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Baby Maggie, there are also other close relatives like Patty and Selma (Aunties), Grandpa and Grandma. The Simpson’s is set in the town of Springfield which was founded and named after Jebordiah Springfield. The show also includes many other lovable characters like Barney, Comic Book Guy, Mr Burns, Smithers, Moe, Apu, Nelson, Millhouse and many, many others.

The Simpson’s Monopoly games incorporates everything you would expect to find in the original Monopoly and all of the game rules remain pretty much the same. But the Simpson’s version bring the town of Springfield to life by including all of the well known landmarks of Springfield and many of the Simpson’s characters as the player pieces.

If you’re a Monopoly collector and a Simpson’s fan, this is true must have item for the avid fan.