Game Of Life Board Game

The game title “The Game Of Life” board game really gives it away. The idea is that you commence from your early teenage years and live your life being as successful as you can along the way. Obviously there are many trial and tribulations which you have to overcome.

You go through the various stages of your life from the commencement of your career to perhaps buying a house, having a family, being successful and finally to retirement where to win you have to have achieved the maximum ,and the winner is measured by your success through life financially. Once you reach retirement, it is the end of the game and your success is measured on the amount of money you have at the finish.

Game Of Life Game Information
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Game Genre: Family
Suitable For: 9 Years And Over
Number Of Players: 2 to 6 Players
Approx Playing Time: 40 Minutes
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History Of Game Of Life Board Game & It’s Origins

This game was created originally by Milton Bradley in 1860 called the Checkered Game of Life. The game itself has a strong moral message. The game was updated in 1962 and as a celebration for 100 years of the Checkered Game Of Life it was renamed as the Game of Life or just Life in some parts of the world.

The game was updated again in 1992 whereby life tiles were introduced to modernise the game so that it would include recycling of trash and saying no to drugs etc. It is a worldwide game which is available in over 20 countries. The rights to the game are owned and maintained by Hasbro.

Interesting Facts About The Game Of Life Board Game

  • The Game of Life was originally called “The Checkered Game Of Life”, the version we know now was released as a 100th anniversary edition of the afforementioned version.

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

There are two most notable versions of The Game of Life board game, these were the year 2000 anniversary edition and the year 2005 edition. The 40th anniversary edition was released in the year 2000, the only notable changes were the replacement of a Travel Agent with Computer Consultant in the careers aspect of the game.

The 2005 edition saw a few more modernisations in comparison to the 40th anniversary edition, these additions bought the game more in line with real life. One such example was that each player now starts $100,000 in debt rather than being $40,000 in debt.

Other versions include Simpsons Game Of Life, Family Guy Game Of Life, Sponge bob Game Of Life, 50th Anniversary Game Of Life, Red neck Game Of Life and Pink Game Of Life.