Guess Who Board Game

Guess Who is a fun and light hearted board game which can be played by all of the family, young and old. The best thing about Guess Who is that like any fun board game it gets the family sitting around together and interacting with each other.

The Guess Who board game is a two player guessing game which is owned and manufactured by Hasbro. Each player has 24 cartoon images of people and their first names. There are five women and nineteen men, each given various distinguished features, ie. Red hair, beards, glasses, red shirts etc. The idea of the game is to eliminate as many people as possible by asking a range of various questions to your opponent. The object of the game is to be the first to discover which card your opponent has selected.

Guess Who Game Information
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Game Genre: Family/Kids
Suitable For: 6 – 12 Year
Number Of Players: 2
Approx Playing Time: 20 Minutes
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A History Of Guess Who & It’s Origins

This board game was created by Ora and Theo Coster and was first manufactured in l979 in Great Britain. It was around 3 years after it’s initial realse that the game was released into the USA, this was in 1982. Some time later the game went on to win the Denmark Children’s Game of the Year Award.

The rights to the game are now owned solely by Hasbro entertainment who also manufacture the game.

Interesting Facts About Guess Who

  • On its inception in l979 there were fewer women than men but by the mid l990s the faces were changed and the sexes more even.

Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

Special editions which have been released include Marvel Comic, Star Wars and Disney characters.
There is also a smaller travel edition version which only has 20 different faces.