Payday Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Payday Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 4 Out Of 5 – Based On 1 Reviews. The Payday board game is a fun and funky family board game which is great for 4 of the family members to sit around and play. This board game has been around for the past 30+ years, since 1975. Many of the principles of Payday of similar to that of Monopoly, the main one being that you have to b...[Read More]

Settlers of Catan Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Settlers of Catan Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 2 Reviews. The Settlers of Catan is a highy popular game amongst those who enjoy playing lengthy strategy games, it’s the board game version similar to those many computer games we see about building virtual settlements. Each player takes their turn to try and build their collony, gather resourc...[Read More]

Candy Land Board Game Coming To The Big Screeens

The making of films around popular classic board games seems to be the way everyone is going at the moment. Just recently you’ll remember we announced that the Monopoly movie was coming in the next couple of years and that Hub have just announced the Scrabble television show and the Life board game television show. The Candyland board game is a children’s board game based in “Candyland”, which is ...[Read More]

Olympos Board Game Coming April 2011

It seems that more often these days “we”, at Board Games Critic, are announcing a new board game release every other week and this week is no different. The French games company Ystari along with the games designer Phillipe Keyaerts has come up with a brand new game which will allow players to build and control their own Greek civilization. Ystari were also responsible for the development of such ...[Read More]

Hub Will Show Life Board Game & Scrabble Board Game Shows

“The Hub” is a network channel which is owned and run by the Hasbro giant, this family channel is aimed at kids and the entire family. The first game show they showed was called “Family Game Night” and it was such a big success that they announced yesterday that they would be releasing two brand new game shows based on the Scrabble board game and the Life board game (Game of Life). The Scrabble ve...[Read More]

The Best 5 Family Board Games

Playing board games as we all know is something which is done far less today than it used to be, board games have taken second place next to computer games and more technical gadgets. However what’s the real truth, are board games less popular or are people just forgetting that they exist as a fantastic form of entertainment. I think most people will probably agree it’s the latter. Board games alw...[Read More]

Where To Play Monopoly Online FREE

Despite the fact that so many people still love playing traditional board games, they are always looking for a moe fun and technical experience, rather than the “drab” same old experience gained from a Classic board game like Monopoly. This is why so many people search to play Monopoly online for FREE. Playing Monopoly online for free is the next best thing to actually buying the game for PC or fo...[Read More]

Sorry Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Sorry Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 0 Out Of 5 – Based On 0 Reviews. This Sorry board game, originating from back in 1929, is a great family/kids board game which can be played by any child over the age of 5, it’s great for family interaction and it’s really simple and straightforward to setup and play. The overall purpose of the Sorry board game is to be the firs...[Read More]

Monopoly Coming To Colombia

The massively popular and successful Monopoly board game has finally made it’s way to Colombia. The Monopoly board game is around 75 years old, having been released back in the 1930′s. In it’s time there have been somewhere around 250 million copies sold around the board. There have been multiple versions, editions and special editions, with special versions including those made from Chocolate, so...[Read More]

Zombies Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Zombies Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 2 Reviews. Zombies board game, or Zomies!!! as it’s also known across the internet, is a great game for the adults to play on those dark nights in. If you enjoy playing strategy board games but you’re looking for something a little different to the “norm” then this may be just the thing you’ve been lookin...[Read More]

Classic Scrabble Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Classic Scrabble Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 2 Reviews. The popular Scrabble board game is one everyone remembers, one of those classic board games which we all remember playing as children with the family. How many arguments did you have over whether or not a word was actually a real word?! Scrabble is considered an educational board game ...[Read More]

Trouble Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Trouble Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 2 Reviews. The Trouble board game is a simple but fun kids board game which will have those little ones entertained for hours. Trouble has been around over 50+ years and so has more than stood the test of time. Each player has 4 counters which they need to move around the board as quickly as possible. On ...[Read More]