Settlers Of Catan Book From Rebecca Gable

Right here at Board Games Critic we’ve had news from one of our sources to let us know that a very cool novel based upon the Settlers of Catan board game is due to be released within the next couple of months. More precisely the book is due to be released on the 15th November 2011. The Settlers of Catan book is going to be will be [easyazon-link asin=”1611090814″]available to buy through Amazon, a...[Read More]

Taboo Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Taboo Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 4 Out Of 5 – Based On 1 Reviews. Taboo is a great game to play around Christmas, party times and other festive holidays or birthdays when you have all of the family and you’re friends around. Ideally to get the best out of Taboo you should really have at least 4 people otherwise it can be just plain boring, it’s a lot more fun w...[Read More]

Where Can You Play Scrabble Online FREE, No Downloads

The Scrabble board game has been around ever since I can remember, it’s the simple word board game which requires players to create words from their dealt tiles onto a grid shaped board. The aim of the game is for players to score the highest number of points possible using as many of their letters as possible. Despite the fact that board game sales and board game clubs appear to be less popular t...[Read More]


Great Kids Board Games The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Play a board game as a family is a great way of the family spending quality time together and interacting with each other, something which is often neglected in today’s fast paced society. So in this article we are going to try and help you highlight the kids board games which are most enjoyable for both the kids and the adults alike, and are perfect for the whole family. There are hundreds, if no...[Read More]

Playing Monopoly, 8 Tips To Playing A Better Game

Playing the Monopoly board game for the first time can be a rather daunting task, you can learn how to play Monopoly by reading the instructions and by watching videos but how do you get good at Monopoly. In this article we aim to provide you with some of our own tips and tricks which can help you to become good at the board game of Monopoly. Monopoly Tip 1 – The Right Properties The first importa...[Read More]

The Best 5 Educational & Fun Word Board Games

Essentially board games are designed and made for fun, along the way they may also facilitate family bonding and group interaction. But word games essentially provide more than that, word board games can better people’s language skills, expand their overall vocabulary and increase the ability to think quickly. Some of the top board games which we’ve selected here at Board Games Critic are listed a...[Read More]

It’s The New Scrabble Word List, Innit!

The highly popular classic Scrabble board game has just had it’s list of acceptable words edited with the addition of over 3,000 extra words added to the list. Many of these words are simply ones which weren’t in there before such as the word “qin”, which is a Chinese musical instrument. But many more of the words are slang terms or names of things, it’s these words w...[Read More]

Cashflow 101 Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Cashflow 101 Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 4 Out Of 5 – Based On 2 Reviews. The Cashflow board game is the game which has been dubbed as this centuries Monopoly board game on steroids, it’s an educational board game which is designed by the best selling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki. The game is designed and packaged to teach people financial stra...[Read More]

Limited Edition Dr Who Monopoly Board Game

With the multiple versions of the Monopoly board game available on the market today it’s really hard to keep up with the different types and varieties, especially if you’re an avid collector of all the different versions. There have been versions been made for the most popular cities in the world across multiple countries, football teams, Universities, TV programs, theme parks and much...[Read More]

Stratego Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Stratego Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 1 Reviews. The Stratego board game, a strategy board game for the family has been around since the 1960′s when it was first released by the Milton and Bradley company. Since that time the game has been released in a few different versions and has pretty much gone global as far as it’s reach is concerned....[Read More]

Custom One Of A Kind Tron Board Game

If you’re a fan of all things Scifi then you’re going to love this next news item! A guy called Brett King has designed and one of a kind board game to play with his kids which is based off of the original “Tron” movie. Tron was released back in 1982 and was an American science fiction film which was written and directed by Steven Lisberger. The movie is basically based around a computer security ...[Read More]