Clue Board Game

The Clue Board Game developed by Waddingtons (also known as Cluedo Board Game outside of North America), has enticed player after player to get involved in this classic detective game year after year. For generations the character Mr Boddy has met his maker inside one of the rooms of the legendary Clue mansion, always at the hand of one of the 6 usual suspects. Now it’s your chance to be part of t...[Read More]

Payday Board Game

The Payday board game is a money/family board game which has very similar aims and objectives to the Monopoly board game, that being to have the most money in your pocket by the time the game ends. The length of the game is pre-determined by the players. The board of the game is set out in the form of one calender month, so is meant to represent real life. On each turn the player rolls the dice an...[Read More]

Scrabble Board Game

Scrabble is another one of those classic games which everyone remembers, usually for the reason that they have tried to cheat at it at some point in their lives by coming up with a word which doesn’t exist or only exists as slang, not in the Oxford Dictionary. Scrabble is a board game of words in which the players aim to score points based upon the words they can come up with from their available ...[Read More]

Simpsons Monopoly Haunted Treehouse Of Horror Edition

Hasbro’s Monopoly is bought to life in yet another version of the Simpsons Monopoly board game. There are currently around 3 official versions which carry the Simpsons theme, this is one of them and the other two are the Simpsons Electronic Banking Edition and the Simpsons USAopoloy board game. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Monopoly builds upon the popular Halloween franchise which was first se...[Read More]

Stratego Board Game

Stratego, as the name suggests, is a strategy board game which is based around a 10×10 board which is played by two players. Each player has 40 peices in the game and those peices represent soliders, all of varying ranks and capabilities. The overall aim of the game is for a player to discover and capture their opponents flag as quickly as possible. Alternatively the player should capture as many ...[Read More]

Balderdash Board Game

The Balderdash board game is a fun Trivia board game from Mattel which is great for parties and gatherings of family and friends. The Balderdash board game begins by all players taking it in turns to roll a dice and he person who rolls the highest score is selected to become the “dasher”. Once the dasher has been selected he or she will select a “definition card” from the board of cards supplied w...[Read More]

Taboo Board Game

The Taboo board game is a fun board game designed to be used a parties and is a lot of fun if there is a large group of you. The aim of the game is for the one person to try and get the other people in the game to guess the word written on a card they’ve selected, but the fun part comes because you’re not allowed to use that word or any of the additional 5 words listed on the card. It’s actually q...[Read More]

Sexopoly Board Game

Sexopoly is basically the rude version of Monoply and it’s a lot more fun. The Sexopoly board game is a strategy board game but also invovles quite a bit of luck. It can be played by anyone but because of the nature of the game it’s best played with your partner and very good friends. If you enjoy something a little bit riskque and a little bit different this game maybe just the thing for you. The...[Read More]

Game Of Life Board Game

The game title “The Game Of Life” board game really gives it away. The idea is that you commence from your early teenage years and live your life being as successful as you can along the way. Obviously there are many trial and tribulations which you have to overcome. You go through the various stages of your life from the commencement of your career to perhaps buying a house, having a family, bein...[Read More]

Classic Clue Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Classic Clue Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 3 Reviews. The Clue board game, or Cluedo as it’s known in many places, is a fantastic murder mystery/strategy board game which is perfect for those dark nights in with the family. The game requires between 4-6 players, the more you have the more interesting the game is. There’s been a murder and it’...[Read More]

Looking for a Change? Five Top Card Games Worth Trying in 2015

Board games will always be popular amongst families, especially when they’re out on a family holiday and want to spend some time together doing something fun that you don’t do every day – a family board game or card game is the perfect choice. That said though, card games have remained just as popular as board games today. But which one should you choose?! We’ve laid out our top 5 favourite card g...[Read More]

The London Based Bridge Up Board Game

This London themed trivia style board game is going to be shown at toy fairs around the world including New York, Nuremberg and London. The game has been created by a London cab driver called Jim Walker, aged 53 years and developed by the game licensing specialists Games Play UK. It’s a 3 dimensional re-creation of the famous landmark, Tower Bridge. The overall objective of the game is to be the f...[Read More]