Simpsons Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition

The Electronic Banking edition of the Simpson’s Monopoly board game brings this Simpson’s version of the game up to date and into the 21st century by incorporating all of the positive features of the standard Electronic Banking edition with all of the characteristics of the Simpson’s edition. The main electronic element of the game is the card swipe machine which keeps track of all the money you m...[Read More]

Simpsons Monopoly USAopoly Edition

USAopoly is a company that was formed back in 1994 when the founders decided they wanted to put a hometown type spin on the classic board game of Monopoly. This led to a licensing agreement in which USAopoly secured the rights to sell the world famous Hasbro game Monopoly under their own brand with different versions, editions and spin-offs of the game. USAopoly have released over a 100 different ...[Read More]

Chess Board Game

The ancient war game that is Chess isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the game isn’t for the faint hearted and if you are playing against anyone who has even the slightest experience then you may wish you hadn’t. The Chess board game is a strategy board game which can be played by two players, the board consists of a 64 squared board arrangement. Each player has sixteen pieces made up from one queen, on...[Read More]

Sorry Board Game

Sorry isn’t just the hardest word to say, it’s also a childrens board game which is based on an ancient Cross and Circle format, in particular it’s based on the game Pachisi. This game is sold and distributed by the popular Parker Brothers company were also responsible for many other well known board games such as the Monopoly board game, Clue board game plus many, many others. The Sorry board gam...[Read More]

Checkers Board Game

The Checkers Board Game or Draughts Board Game, as it’s known in the UK, is an extremely popular and well known board game which has been around a very long time. The Checkers board is split up into separate squares, it’s 8 squares wide and 8 squares long, making 64 squares in total. Each player starts with 12 Chechers peices of a particular color, the traditional colors for Checkers are usuaully ...[Read More]

Simpsons Monopoly Board Game

Everyone loves that lovable family from Springfield, the Simpson’s. If you’re a fan of the Simpson’s and you love the Monopoly board game then you’re in for a treat because there are several versions of the Simpson’s board game available for you to purchase. A list of these versions can be seen below along with further information and online deals. The Simpson’s family have been around on our Tele...[Read More]

Battleship Board Game

Battleship or Battleships, as it’s often referred to, is a strategy board game which is incredibly fun to play for two people. The Battleship board game actually began it’s life in a very similar way to how naughts and crosses began, as a purely paper based game. People would use a blank piece of paper to draw out a grid which would be 10×10, they would also add in their and their Battleship locat...[Read More]

Sequence Board Game

Sequence Board Game is a combination of two types of game distributed by Jax Games Ltd, a board game and a card game. The game consists of a playing board, which has on it two decks of cards depicted in the background of the board, not including the Jacks or Jokers. It also has 3 different colors of playing chips including green, red and blue, adding up to 135 chips in total. The game also include...[Read More]

Zombies Board Game

Zombies!!! board game is a strategy board game which is designed for between 2 and 6 players, so is perfect to play with he family as long as your kids are 13 years and over. The game is based around a board which is set out as a town square and as the game play progresses the town becomes larger and even more infested with flesh eating zombies. The town expands as players select the top card from...[Read More]

Cashflow 101 Board Game

Cashflow 101 or the Cashflow board game as it’s also known, has been dubbed “Monopoly on Steroids”. This educational board game is a game designed as a learning tool for teaching basic accounting skills and financial management. The game has been created as a method of re-enforcing the information contained within the already popular books released by Robert Kiyosaki. The most notable being the nu...[Read More]

Dabble Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Dabble Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 3 Reviews. The Dabble board game is a fun and funky Word/Educational board game bought to you by Brooklyn based inventor George Weiss. DABBLE provides fun for the entire family. Not only does it provide a challenge for the savvy speller, but it is the ultimate way to make learning fun for younger children....[Read More]

Candyland Board Game

The Candyland board game is a truly wonderful kids board game, surrounded by every candy known to man. Only coloured squares are between you and your arrival at Gum Drop Mountain. This is a 2 to 4 player game, designed purely for the very young, who need only to be able to recognise colours and match them accordingly. The game from beginning to end takes approximately 20 minutes. The race is based...[Read More]