Advertise On Board Games Critic

Board Games Critic (BGC) is growing quickly and getting more and more visitors every single month, in fact since it’s launch in February 2011 BGC has gone from just 396 unique visitors per month to an expected 20,000 visitors in August 2011, with over 80,000 page views. The traffic to our online network is expected to continue to grow over the coming months as we add even more content, attract even more new visitors and market our newly created board games resource.

There are several ways you can advertise and get your product recognised here on BGC, these are as follows:

  • Advertising Method 1 – Banner advertisements on our website
  • Advertising Method 2 – A link in our Board Game Directory
  • Advertising Method 3 – Send us your board game so we can review it

Advertising Method 1: Banner Advertisements

We have 3 main banner advertisement locations on BGC and these can be seen below. Zone A and Zone B are shown site wide which means banner ads will be displayed no matter which page visitors are viewing. Zone C is displayed on Board Game Reviews pages only, hence the slightly reduced rate for Zone C over A and B.

Prices for banner advertisements are based on a period of 1 month. Prices are as follows:

  • Zone A – Seen globally throughout the website (Maximum 2 Slots At A Time): $97 per month
  • Zone B – Seen globally throughout the website (Maximum 3 Slots At A Time): $47 per month

Advertising Method 2: BGC Board Game Directory

Our Board Game Directory is a helpful list of resources and websites which we have compiled to improve our overall visitor experience. Websites and resources include forums, shopping sites, fan sites, review sites and much more. Prices for insertion into our directory are as follows:

  • Board Game Directory Insertion (1 Category) – $47 Per Year Charged Through An Annual Payment
  • Board Game Directory Insertion (2 Categories/Page URLs) $97 Per Year Charged Through An Annual Payment

Advertising Method 3: Send Us A Board Game

If you would like us to publish a news article or a review of your board game right here on BGC then all you need to do is send us a copy of your game and we’ll be happy to do this completely FREE of charge. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, making sure to check the “We Would Like To Send You A Board Game For A Review” option. Please include the following in your message:

  1. Name of your game
  2. Genre of your game
  3. Suitable ages
  4. Estimated playing time
  5. A general overview of the game
  6. A link to your games’ sales/information page (if you have one)
We will respond within 72 hours and provide you with a UK postal address to send the game to. Once we receive the game we will usually complete the article within 7 working days, we will usually include one short review of the game, a longer overall information page of the game and an announcement news article. The overall information page will usually include the game’s history, origins, special facts and game play.

Securing An Advertisement

In order to secure an advertisement on the BGC website, please contact us using the form below making sure to fill out all required details.

We review all requests within 24 hours and will respond to you with a Paypal link where you will be able to complete payment (where applicable), we will also request your banner image if applicable. For banner ads and directory submissions, once payment has been received we will publish your advertisement within 24 hours, usually sooner. For those of you who send us a board game we will respond within 72 hours and provide you with a postal address to send your game to.