About Board Games Critic

Here at Board Games Critic (BGC) we try to provide you with the most comprehensive board gaming resource online. The hobby/past time of playing board games is somewhat of a dying interest, with more and more people turning away from board games in favour of “more interesting” digital products such as computer games and 3D television. Well at BGC we aim to bring board gaming back to life and spark a new interest in the past time which allows families, friends and loved ones to spend quality time together at any time during the year and have fun without the need for expensive and overpriced gadgets.

The BGC website is growing on a daily basis and we try to provide you (the reader) with everything we can think of to help make your board gaming experience more fun. If you do think of something we’ve missed though, please feel free to drop us a line using the form below and we’ll be more than happy to take on board any suggestions/comments you may have.

Board Games Critic Staff

Our staff base currently consists of three expert writers who have a keen interest in board games and the board games industry in general. Each writer has their own specific area of interest but all make full contributions to all main sections of our website. Our authors are:

Ben Johnson

Role: Senior Editor & Administrator

Ben is the site administrator, senior editor and owner of Board Games Critic, he developed the Board Games Critic website out of an interest and love for board games, with the aim of collating all the latest news and information from the industry as well as providing a wealth of useful board game guides for those people who were new to gaming.

In particular Ben concentrates on the day to day running of Board Games Critic as well as dealing with media and promotion.

Contact Ben Johnson at: ben (AT) boardgamescritic.com

Bob Partings

Role: Editor

Bob is a professional writer by trade and has been writing articles and content for the gaming industry for over 10 years. In particular Bob specialises in the area of classic board games and has been responsible for some of our best quality board game guides here at Board Games Critic.

Contact Bob Partings at: bob (AT) boardgamescritic.com

James Preston

Role: Editor

James is a recent University graduate who obtained a degree in English Literature and History. He started working for Board Games Critic on a part time basis just a few months ago and has helped us to grow the board games database section of our website significantly during that time.

Contact James Preston at: james (AT) boardgamescritic.com

About Our Website

The BGC website consists of the following sections at present:

Board Game Resource Section

In this section we’re collating an online resource of board games and all relevant associated information including:

  • The overall aim/game play of the board game
  • The history of the board game
  • The best online deals for the board game
  • The interest facts for a particular board game
  • The notable versions and special editions of each board game

This resource is constantly growing and we’re adding new board games on a day to day basis, so make sure you check back often.

Board Game Guides Section

The board game guides section has been developed to provide you (the reader) with as much information possible to help you purchase the right board game. With suggestions for the best board games for kids, the best board games for Christmas and other related guides being developed weekly.

Board Game Reviews Section

The board game reviews section of our website provides a database of user generated reviews which is growing more and more every week. We provide the information for the board game and our users/readers provide their own review of the game. Be sure to head over to our board game reviews section and provide you’re own contribution in the form of a user review.

Board Game News Section

Our board games news section brings you the most up to date information from the world of board gaming, including what the latest releases are, what the most popular board games are and what’s happening in the board game industry as well as many more.