Looking for a Change? Five Top Card Games Worth Trying in 2015

Looking for a Change? Five Top Card Games Worth Trying in 2015

Board games will always be popular amongst families, especially when they’re out on a family holiday and want to spend some time together doing something fun that you don’t do every day – a family board game or card game is the perfect choice. That said though, card games have remained just as popular as board games today. But which one should you choose?! We’ve laid out our top 5 favourite card games of the year. Comment below and let us know yours.

Texas Holdam or Three Card Poker

Poker is recognisable as one of the most popular card games to which men have lost their fortunes, but it’s also a game which has become increasingly popular as a leisure game over the past few years. Your failure or success is based upon the cards you are dealt and then how you play those cards. The number of cards will vary depending on whether you’re playing Texas Holdam or Three Card Poker. The combination of cards you’re given will provide you with a “hand”, of which several types exist. Depending on how confident the person feels about their “Hand”, they can bet and play on, or simply fold. Poker ends when everyone shows their cards, the winner will be awarded based on the best combination of cards, in Texas Holdam a Straight Flush is the highest possible. Being good at poker is about luck, confidence and a good poker face.


A quick fire and very popular card game, Blackjack is often seen in the Casinos. It’s a very easy way to win money but also a great way to lose money against the house. Each card is worth a certain number of points and the aim of the game is the get 21 points or as close to 21 without exceeding that number. Players are initially dealt with two cards, they can then either Hit or Stand. Hit means the player takes another card in order to get closer to 21, however if the additional card makes the player go past 21 points then they lose. If a player Stands then they decide not to take any more cards and hope they can beat the other players with their original cards. The player with 21 or closest to 21 also wins the amount which has been bid. This is one of the most popular types of card game on a board in the casinos.


This complex game is played by four players working as two teams of two people, with those in the same team sitting opposite each other. In Bridge the four suits are ranked with Spades the highest rank followed by Hearts, Diamonds and finally Clubs. Within the suits the cards are also ranked with Ace the highest and two the lowest. The aim is to win a trick for your team; a trick is made up of four cards, one from each player around the table. The first player takes the lead and can use any card in their hand, which sets the obligation to the other players as they must play a card from the same suit as the lead if possible. If they do not have a card from this suit then their obligation is gone. Once four cards have been played the trick is complete, the trick is won by either the trump card or the highest card. The winning team collects the four cards and this is repeated until all 13 tricks have been won. The overall winner is the team with the most tricks.

Gin Rummy

In this fast paced game each player starts with 10 cards, the aim is to make a set of three cards with the same rank (a Run) or four cards of the same suit in sequence (a Set). The remaining cards are put in the centre, creating the stock pile, the top card is turned face up to create the discard pile. Cards which cannot create a set are considered useless and can be discarded by putting them on the discard pile when it is that players turn. However they must take another card from the stock pile to maintain the set of 10. The winner is the player who has created sets or runs and lays them down on the table. Useless cards are known as ‘deadwood’ and still count to the points the player receives, therefore the aim is to have zero deadwood points.


In addition to a regular card deck you will need spoons (one less than the number of players), which are arranged in the centre of the table.  The aim is to collect four of a kind cards and not be the last to pick up a spoon. At the beginning each player is dealt four cards, the dealer takes a fifth card and passes one to the player on their left. Each player passes one card to the left and the final player creates a discard pile. This is repeated until one player gets four of a kind and takes a spoon from the centre. Once this player takes a spoon anyone can take one of the remaining spoons, the player without a spoon receives a letter from S.P.O.O.N.  This is repeated and each time a player does not pick up a spoon they receive another letter from the word, once they have all of the letters they are eliminated.  The winner is the last player remaining after everyone else has been eliminated.  This is a quick game with a lot of fun as the player taking the first spoon can sneak it away without the other players noticing or grabbing it with everyone’s attention can lead to some very funny follow ups!