The London Based Bridge Up Board Game

The London Based Bridge Up Board Game

This London themed trivia style board game is going to be shown at toy fairs around the world including New York, Nuremberg and London.

The game has been created by a London cab driver called Jim Walker, aged 53 years and developed by the game licensing specialists Games Play UK. It’s a 3 dimensional re-creation of the famous landmark, Tower Bridge.

The overall objective of the game is to be the first player to collect all of your “bridge up” tokens wilst moving your way around the river Thames.

Each player has their own boat and they have to move their boat around the board in any direction according to the numbers shown on the die. You will only be able to move your boat under Tower Bridge when the bascules are raised but beware of the Guard and keep your eyes open for the crown to prevent your progress from being hindered. During the game you will also come across Trivia tokens, if you answer the question correctly you’ll get to have another move and progress forward even quicker.

The gameplay of Bridge Up is pretty simple and straightforward and it appears it would be quick and easy to get the game setup and in play. For that reason it looks suitable for the whole family.