Twisted Fish Card Game Review

Twisted Fish Card Game Review

Overall – The Twisted Fish Card Game Review Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 4 Reviews.

The Twisted Fish game is a card game from McNeil Designs, Designs For Brighter Mights. Their company has been around since 2004 and in that time has released several innovative and educational games into the marketplace, one of which is the Twisted Fish card game.

About The Game Play

Twisted Fish comes complete with an outer box, a pack of colorful playing cards and a yellow rubber duck. The cards have well designed and colorful drawings of different types of fish including Whales, Eels, Shrimp and Blow fish, just to name a few. Each of the different kinds of fish is available in 5 colored cards and the aim of the game is to collect a full set of all 5 colors of a particular kind of fish and then place them into your “Net”. The overall aim of the game being to collect as many sets of fish in your Net as possible, with each fish card carrying a certain number of points which are collectively added to your score at the end of the game.

Throughout the game you have to try your best to work out which cards your opponents have by asking them for cards you need and remembering the cards you’ve already asked them for. But beware, they might play a Zinger card at any time and stop you dead in your tracks.

Just like us you’re probably wondering about the relevance of the rubber duck, but that’s something you’re going to have to investigate for yourself. The purpose is actually quite amusing.

The Look And Feel

At the end of the game all of the fish in your Net will have their point values totalled up to give you one final score, any remaining cards in your hand will be deducted from your overall score. The person with the highest score wins!

Our Opinion

Overall Twisted Fish has excellent packaging which is appealing to the eye and also of good quality and durable to the touch. The images are good looking, bright, eye catching and entertaining to the age group the game is aimed at. The cards themselves are very sturdy and are likely to remain in good condition through frequent use.

The small size and sturdy packaging of Twisted Fish means that it’s portable, lightweight and perfect for those family getaways or long car journeys.

The concept of the game is simple but fun, with easy to follow instructions allowing anyone to play the game within just a few minutes of reading them.

The game is advertised as being suitable for children aged 6 – 10 years of age. The overall theme of the game though makes it perfect for kids & adults alike and ideal for Christmas parties, dinner parties and family get together’s. It’s recommend that between 3 and 6 people play the game but having played it ourselves we would recommend that you aim for 6 rather than 3 to keep the game more interesting and give it a faster pace.

The Final Verdict

With an RRP of just below $10 you really can’t go wrong with this game, it’s great value for money for the quality you get and we would highly recommend you give it a try if you’re looking for a fun and exciting card game with a twist. To sum up in one sentence, a thoroughly enjoyable game.