The WordPress Board Game, Are They Serious?!

So you’ve heard of the hugely successful open source platform they call WordPress, with millions of downloads every year there’s hardly anyone who builds websites and hasn’t used WordPress.

Well now there is a WordPress board game, the game premiered at the Word Camp Indonesia event back in January 2011. When I first read bout the new board game I didn’t exactly understand how you could make a board game based on a blogging platform, but hey someone has! The game has been developed by Kummara, designed by Eko Nugroho and has Illustrations by Brendan Satria.

The WordPress board game is designed to be played by between 2-4 players and the estimated playing time is anything up to around 45 minutes in length. The main game play consists of each playing taking it in turns as a web developer to set up a new blog by implementing the WordPress blogging platform. Each player must choose the optimal plugin combinations and get their settings just right. In addition to that there are three separate dice which represent requests from the boss, which they player must obey, but beware because some of these requests will destroy all of your hard work.

The WordPress board game is going to be available at very soon.