The Top 5 Board Games About Money

The Top 5 Board Games About Money

Board games which are centred around money and making money always turn out to be more interesting than you think, that’s usually because it leads to a light harded disagreement or two when trying to work out who is the richest and who has won the game.

We’ve tried to collate our top 5 favourite board games about money based on user ratings and popularity across the internet. They are listed below in order of popularity, the most people being first and the least popular of the 5 last.

The Classic Monopoly Board Game

Well what can we say, this strategy/family board game was always going to come in at number one. Monopoly is the type of board game which everyone remembers playing as a child, they either loved it or hated it and those that hated usually did because they often lost. It’s the board game which involved building up your portfolio of properties and wealth whilst trying to send your opponents bankrupt.

The Monopoly board game has been around since 1934 when it was originally presented to the Parker Brothers company by a man called Charles Darrow, the game was immediated rejected due to many problems with the design. Luckily for us (the players) the game was accepted and put into product 1 year later.

Monopoly has been reproduced in over 37 languages and to over 103 countries. Read more about the history, editions and versions of the Monopoly board game.

The Sexopoly Board Game

The Sexopoly board game is an adult board game which is suitable for couples or adult friends. This actually rates around the same level of popularity, if not higher on some websites, than the Classic Monopoly board game. That’s despite the fact that this board game was brand new to the market less than 12 months ago, during the fall of 2010.

The theme of the game is similar to Monopoly in that you are required to move around the board building your empire and your wealth, only on this occasion the theme is far more adult orientated. Each roll of the dice has you move around the board and by spending your Sexopoly money you will purchase adult themed businesses from which you aim to make profit from. The cards such as community chest and chance have a more Risky and Frisky theme to them, they may even try to get you to relieve you of your inhibitions & clothes and even tempt you to do more sexy challenges.

This game is certainly worth the time and money for adults, just make sure you have an open mind and are not easily offended. If you’re up for a good time and having fun, this board game is for you.

The Game of Life Board Game

The Game of Life board game or Life as it’s also referred isn’t as involved as the previously two high rated games but it is still fun all the same. The game takes each player through various stages of their lives and they move around the board, it’s your choice to have a career or go to University. But choose your selection carefully as this could swing the overall outcome of the game.

The Game of Life is based far more on chance than other money board games of it’s kind and this is perhaps one main criticism the game often receives. Nevertheless, the game is a good bit of light hearted fun and is great to play as a family board game on those dark nights or stormy afternoons.

The Payday Board Game

Payday is the classic game of spending money to make money. Unlike Monopoly and the Game of Life, Payday tried to make money management more realistic in this game by making each players turn one day in a real 31 day month. Each square on the board represents a day in one month and as each player moves around the board they are required to pay the bills but also reap the rewards. Just like life this game has other events like winning the lottery, earning a living, taking out bank loans and more.

This is a great fun family board game for adults and children alike.

The Money Board Game

The Money board game gets the lowest ratings across the Internet and hence the reason it’s bottom in our list of top 5. There’s not much to say about the Money board game, it’s extremely similar to Monopoly with some slight differences. The only major criticism is that the quality of the board and the pieces could really be better.