The Dabble Board Game, A Successful Inventor At 84!

George Weiss is an 84 year old inventor from Brooklyn in New York, he’s been inventing games and products for over 50 years but until now none of them have had any success. George has released some 80 different board games and gadgets and all were refused but now he has finally hit the jackpot and his Dabble board game has been taken up by a major toy manufacturer to be sold around the entire country. In addition to that, the game has also been awarded a “game of the year” award which adds to it’s growing success.

The release and success of this game is all the more important to Mr Weiss as it was something he co-developed along side his wife, who is now living in a care home. He remarked that he would like to see the game sell well so he can have the satisfaction of knowing that he didn’t waste all of those years down in his basement.

So how does the game work? It’s pretty simple really but looks alot of fun. Each player of the game is dealt out 20 letter tiles and are then given a total of 5 minutes only to come up with a word as long as possible between 2 and 6 letters, the winner then gets to keep all of the left over tiles. This thus makes it easier for them to create words on the next go.