Taboo Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Taboo Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 4 Out Of 5 – Based On 1 Reviews.

Taboo is a great game to play around Christmas, party times and other festive holidays or birthdays when you have all of the family and you’re friends around. Ideally to get the best out of Taboo you should really have at least 4 people otherwise it can be just plain boring, it’s a lot more fun when there’s a big group to shout out silly answers.

The game is simple, pick a card and try to get people to guess what word you have on your card, simple ey? Not quite, you’re not allowed to mention that particular word or the additional 5 listed on your card.

With at least 100 cards to choose from and many additional expansion package being offered by Hasbro there is plenty of variety.