Simpsons Monopoly Haunted Treehouse Of Horror Reviews

Overall – The Simpsons Monopoly Haunted Treehouse Of Horror Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 1 Reviews.

Every year that Halloween comes around the Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror episdoes hit our TV screens. The Treehouse of Horror spin-off for the Simpson’s was first seen around the 3rd series of the Simpson’s and ever since then it’s been shown each and every year. The Simpsons Monopoly versions have been made even more popular with the addition of the Simpsons Monopoly Treehouse Of Horror Edition.

This version of the Simpsons Monopoly board game gives you the opportunity to play one of our favourite characters from the Halloween specials. Currently the available characters include 6 of the most popular ones from the show, with the addition of 4 others which can be collected by filling out the slip which comes with the standard board game.

The game features all of the popular locations you’d expect to see in a haunted Springfield including the Springfield cemetry and Burns’ secret laboritary. The custome designed artwork is what really makes this game stand out from other versions of the Monopoly game.