Sexopoly Board Game Reviews

Sexopoly Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Sexopoly Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 5 Reviews.

The Sexopoly board game is an adult board game released by IOS Games Ltd, a UK based company well known for it’s development of adult orientated board games such as Sexopoly, Risky Or Frisky (UK/European version of Sexopoly) and Cookie Challenge.

This adult board game was released more recently onto the market and it’s reception onto the UK games market has been a good one. We’ve looked at the Sexopoly board game ourselves and put it through our thorough review process.

About The Game Play

Sexopoly is a good quality game as far as the overall manufacture of the game and associated packaging is concerned. The game comes packaged in an adult themed sturdy board game box which contains the following things:

  • The Sexopoly board which is 12 squares by 12 squares
  • A set of “Risky Or Frisky” cards
  • A set of “Question Cards”
  • Some “Bank Of Sexopoly” cash
  • Properties cards for all of the Sexopoly properties
  • Dice

Sexopoly has been designed to be played by 2-6 players and like most board games the more players the better, although you’ll have to have some pretty close friends to play this one with.

Sexopoly can almost be thought of as an adult themed Monopoly, the main principle behind it being to build up a portfolio of adult themed businesses and develop your overall wealth. This is your chance to run a range of naughty lingerie outlets or some adult DVD stores.

Just like with other money orientated board games, you will start the game with a certain level of wealth provided in the form of Sexopoly money. From then on each of the players roll the dice and move their own counter the corresponding number of spaces along the board.

During the game you have the chance to land upon a multitude of squares including property squares, “Risky Or Frisky” squares and “Question Card” squares, if you land on a property square you will be given the chance to buy that property for the marked price on the board. If you should happen to land upon a “Risky Or Frisky” or even a “Question Card” square then be sure to make your choice wisely, a bad decision may lead to a forfeit in which you loose everything … your clothes included.

Our Opinion

Overall, we liked the Sexopoly game, the theme of the game and the way in which it’s played will restrict you on the type or circle of people you can play it with. Some of the game may push your own limits a little further than you’d normally go so it’s good to play it with a good close group of friends or even your partner.

The game play is similar to Monopoly but with an adult theme, however, if you don’t like the Monopoly game then don’t let that put you off at all, it’s certainly worth giving it a go.

For an adult game the concept is really simple but it’s cleverly executed into a fun yet naughty board game which offers a good experience in a light hearted but non-offensive way. This game which would be a great addition to any adult themed dinner party.

The Final Verdict

Sexopoly can be bought discretely online for between $30 and $40. It’s not a game that’s going to be bought out of the cupboard very often but it will offer a fun and naughty twist on the average board game.