Settlers Of Catan Coming To Mobile Android

Settlers Of Catan Coming To Mobile Android

The Settlers Of Catan board game is the popular Strategy board game created by Klaus Teuber from Germany. The board game was a big hit when it was released in iPhone and iPad format a while ago and since then gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Android version of this massively successful board game.

The mobile version of Catan allows players to collectively sit around the device and play the Catan board game together.

You can read the full history and information for the Settlers of Catan but essentially the game is about building up a settlement onto a newly populated island. The idea behind the game is to buy, sell and trade in order to grow and maintain your community.

The game involves a lot of luck but there is also a lot of strategy, particular amongst those players who have been playing this game for any length of time. The Settlers Of Catan board game is one of the best ways to get into some serious board gaming and has been described as a “step up” from games like Monopoly.

The Android version of Catan is expected to arrive on the market sometime in June, there will also be an expansion pack available to purchase. This first pack is said to be Settlers Of Catan: The Seafarers Expansion.