Scrabble Coming To Mobile Android!

The Scrabble board game is the popular word/educational board game which has been around for decades and is known throughout households across the world. The game is loved and played by people of all ages and skill levels and loved by many.

It’s our pleasure to announce here that Scrabble will finally be coming to android mobile devices and the best thing is it’s going to be free. It wasn’t too long ago that we announced the release of Settlers Of Catan to Android, so maybe this is a nice trend we are starting to see.

This electronic mobile version of the game features several different difficulty levels, built in word lists, scrolling and full board views. Because it’s electronic you are able to pause the game where you choose, do what you need to and pick up on it later on, so the game can last as long as you like.

There are several reviews for this Android game across the web both good and bad, just do a quick search for yourself.