Risk Metal Gear Solid Edition Coming Soon

Metal Gear Solid is the second popular strategy video game to make it to the board games world, just a few weeks back we announced that Gears Of War would be releasing a board game. Well now a Metal Gear Solid version of RISK has been announced for the Metal Gear Solid video game.

The Metal Gear Solid video game is a game by Hideo Kojima, it was developed by Konami in 1998 for the PS. The game follows a soldier who goes by the name of solid snake, his mission being to infiltrate a nuclear weapons facility and neutralise a terrorist threat from FOXHOUND.

The Risk board game has been around since the late 1950′s when the game was released by the Parker Brothers gaming company, now part of Hasbro Toys. The original concept of the game was simply world domination by taking over the territories of your opponents and dominating the world. In this Risk meets Metal Gear Solid the concept is pretty similar, this time though there are five private military companies (PMC’s) of which you have to command one in order to conquer territories around the globe.

The Risk:Metal Gear Solid Edition is bought to us by the company who have created many of their own variations on classic board games, USAopoly. The game will be released on the 3rd October 2011 and will be available in two versions, the Collectors Edition and the Limited Edition. Only 2,014 of the Limited Edition version will be available to buy, each one numbered individually and shipped with feature artwork. If you want a copy of the game then it’s going to cost you around $50 and can be pre-ordered exclusively from USAopoly.