Playing Monopoly, 8 Tips To Playing A Better Game

Playing Monopoly, 8 Tips To Playing A Better Game

Playing the Monopoly board game for the first time can be a rather daunting task, you can learn how to play Monopoly by reading the instructions and by watching videos but how do you get good at Monopoly. In this article we aim to provide you with some of our own tips and tricks which can help you to become good at the board game of Monopoly.

Monopoly Tip 1 – The Right Properties

The first important thing is to make sure you select the right properties to buy. One tactic that many players use is to buy all properties throughout the game as they land on them, however this often leads to bankruptcy. A better idea is to actually concentrate on buying a set of properties which yield the highest revenue, ideally you should aim to get 3-4 sets of complete properties instead of simply aiming to buy everything on the board. Because the high yield properties will often work out more expensive it can be costly to buy a complete set, so alongside the expensive properties it’s always a good idea to buy one set of cheaper properties. The cheaper properties will yield less over time but they will cost less to develop into hotel sites.

Monopoly Tip 2 – Building Quickly & Building Big

Secondly, you should try to build as many houses and hotels as possible on the low income mortgage sites, this will allow you to restrict some of the other players from building houses and hotels are their own more expensive sites.

Monopoly Tip 3 – Maximise Your Mortgage Revenue

Try to build at least 3 houses onto any one site which you occupy, the rental value which you can yield with 1 house is far, far less than with 3 houses. Try to save some money and build the 3 houses onto each site as quickly as you can, try to build evenly so that you get an equally high return no matter which site of your collection players land upon.

Monoply Tip 4 – Railroads Over Utilities

On a Monopoly board you have other spaces on which yield will depend upon how many of them you actually own in a set, this applies to the railroad and to the utilities. Now whilst both sets can be quite lucrative when owned in a complete set, you should always try to purchase railroads over utilities and the simple reason is that they make more money.

Monopoly Tip 5 – Staying In Jail

During the beginning of the game when you are building your portfolio and your empire, the last place you want to be is in jail and in fact most Monopoly experts would recommend that when you go to jail you get out as soon as you can. But in the later part of the game going to jail may actually be beneficial, usually because the game is a lot more intense and most of the property is taken and built upon. So if you do happen to go to jail then consider staying there for as long as you can, in other words try to get out by rolling a double.

Monopoly Tip 6 – Snap Up The Orange

It’s a well known fact that the orange properties are the most landed on after a person leaves the jail spot, this is because the 6 and the 8 are the two most common numbers rolled. If you own them and you have hotels on them, you’re likely to get a very good return on investment.

Monopoly Tip 7 – Mortgage Carefully

When you are in money trouble and you need to mortgage one or more of your properties, if possible only mortgage properties in which you don’t own the full set. Remember you can’t build upon a site which has been mortgaged.

Monopoly Tip 8 – Play Monoply & Practice

The best and final tip is to actually play the board game and practise your skills, there is no better way to get good atsomething that to practise. In today’s societ you can pretty much play Monopoly anywhere you like, heck you can even play monopoly online free if you want to whilst on the move with your mobile device.