Payday Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Payday Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 4 Out Of 5 – Based On 1 Reviews.

The Payday board game is a fun and funky family board game which is great for 4 of the family members to sit around and play. This board game has been around for the past 30+ years, since 1975. Many of the principles of Payday of similar to that of Monopoly, the main one being that you have to become as rich as possible during the time that the game runs.

Each of the players in the game takes time to roll the dice and the moves their piece in accordance with the number on the dice. Depending on which day of the month you land of will depend on the result, you might have to take out a loan, you may win the lottery or you may get to take a rest … it’s all a game of luck.