Monopoly Board Game Gets Intelligent In 2011 With Monopoly Live!

In the fall of 2011 Hasbro Inc are due to release a brand new modern version of the classic favourite, the Monopoly board game. The Monopoly board game has been around in one form or another since 1935, in fact there was an earlier version designed in the early 1900′s, know as The Landlords Game, which Monopoly is said to have been “born” from. In all that time we have seen many versions, editions and special editions of this board game, possibly the most modern being the Monopoly Here & Now edition. But now Hasbro have taken it even further.

The newest version of the Monopoly board game is going to be called Monopoly Live and will be priced around the $50 mark. In Monopoly live the game play is pretty similar to how it’s always been but now the game is in control, so no more cheating. The money is placed electronically onto your bank card, the computer manages the amount of money you have, rent calculations and more.

The game works because of the introduction of a new large computer which is placed in the center of the board, this computer beams an infrared light over the board. The computer then remembers where your piece is meant to be as well as how much money you have in your bank.

There is no more physical rolling of the dice, this is all handled by the computer, simply place your hand over your piece and the computer rolls for you, giving you a number of spaces to move. The computer then monitors how many spaces you need to move and how many you actually move, so no cheating please!. Other things the computer can do include being able to monitor who’s turn it is. There are also some new evens in this version which include auctions, horse races and options to upgrade utilities.

If you thought the Monopoly Here & Now board game bought this into the 21st century then you’re going to be totally blown away by this new version. It’s the perfect slant on the classic version of Monopoly.