Limited Edition Dr Who Monopoly Board Game

With the multiple versions of the Monopoly board game available on the market today it’s really hard to keep up with the different types and varieties, especially if you’re an avid collector of all the different versions. There have been versions been made for the most popular cities in the world across multiple countries, football teams, Universities, TV programs, theme parks and much more.

Well now the list just got one version bigger! Just a few days ago something was announced which will make those Dr Who fans amongst get excited, it’s the Dr Who version of Monopoly. This version of the game is based around the current series of the popular UK cult TV classic, featuring Matt Smith (as Dr Who) and Amelia Jessica (as Amy Pond). It’s also going to feature all of your favourite aliens, planets and villans, so it’s a must have buy for any Dr Who fan.

The game is only going to be made available in about 5,000 copies so will be limited edition, so make sure you get your copy asap.