Isle Of Man Monopoly Set To Be Released This October

Isle Of Man Monopoly Set To Be Released This October

Just a few months back we reported that the Isle of Man, a small Island in the UK, was set to get it’s own Isle of Man edition of the highly popular board game, Monopoly. At that time there were openings for people to make suggestions and submissions as to which places they wanted to see on their own version of the board game.

Well now the places and locations for this Isle of Man Monopoly have now been confirmed and it will be available to buy in shops around the end of October this year according to Isle Of man DOT com. Details of the place names to be featured on the board remains a mystery and these will not be revealed until the game hits the shops later next month.

This edition of the Monopoly game has been licensed by a company called Winning Movies, the people who originally came up with the idea for the Isle of Man Monopoly board game.

Since the 1920′s there have been litereally 100′s of different versions and editions of this classic family board game. The Isle of Man edition will just add to Monopoly’s monopoly in the board game world.

This edition of the game will be available to buy through Amazon, Toys R Us, Tesco, the Works and a few other online outlets.