Hub Will Show Life Board Game & Scrabble Board Game Shows

“The Hub” is a network channel which is owned and run by the Hasbro giant, this family channel is aimed at kids and the entire family. The first game show they showed was called “Family Game Night” and it was such a big success that they announced yesterday that they would be releasing two brand new game shows based on the Scrabble board game and the Life board game (Game of Life). The Scrabble version will be known as “Scrable Showdown” and the Life show will be called “The Game Of Life”. The dates for these shows to be aired are still to be announced the Hub channel.

The Game of Life show will be based closley around the original iconic board game and will be played by the entire family. During the game the family will have the opportunity to spin the large spinner before getting into the car and moving their way through the “Game Of Life” land. The game is going to be hosting by the former host of the Street Smarts game show.

The Scrabble Showdown show will be closely based on the popular classic board game Scrabble. Again, this game will involve the entire family in which they will work together to complete a wide variety of word games with the aim of gaining the most points and prizes possible. Justin Willman is dubbed to be the host of the new game show, he’s the original host of Cupcake Wars.

Hub have also annouced that they will be showing the popular game show “Family Game Night” as well as picking up the production of “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”, a show based on the popular UK show “Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old”.

Keep your eyes open for further announcements, if you’re a fan of the two classic board games Scrabble and Life, you are going to love these new shows.