How Do You Play The Sexopoly Board Game?

This is a question getting asked a lot lately since the release of the Sexopoly board game by IOS Games Ltd. The Sexopoly board game, just like many other of it’s kind, is a game of luck and not Strategy, the type of game you have really does depend on the roll of the dice. The game is designed to be played with either your partner or your very good friends, it’s probably not something you’d want to play with people who you aren’t very comfortable with.

So How Does The Game Work?

The principle behind the Sexopoly board game is simple, each player starts with a certain amount of Sexopoly money which they can use to build their own adult industry empire. On each turn you roll the two dice to reveal a number which you then use to move your counter around the board.

If you land on a particular property then you are give the opportunity to purchase that property if you wish and then develop that business to make the most profit you can. Each business is based around a particular theme in the adult industry. Such businesses include things like Lingerie wholesalers, adult DVD distributors and lap dancing clubs.

If you don’t land on the property squares then the chances are you may land on a “Risky” or “Frisky” card square, this is where you choose your card wisely because each card reveals a separate challenge or question. Each card may tempt you with more riches in return for a sexy challenge or maybe even lead you to have the clothes taken from your back … literally.

Is Sexopoly For You?

The great thing about Sexopoly is that each player can do just what they are comfortable with, so you don’t need to worry if you’re a little shy because Sexopoly doesn’t force you into anything. Sexopoly is just a fun and entertaining game which will deliver hours of fun and adventure to it’s players.