Classic Scrabble Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Classic Scrabble Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 2 Reviews.

The popular Scrabble board game is one everyone remembers, one of those classic board games which we all remember playing as children with the family. How many arguments did you have over whether or not a word was actually a real word?!

Scrabble is considered an educational board game which requires a little skill with words in order to play. It involves each player taking 7 letters at random from a bag and then having to make up a word to fit onto the board, the aim to gain the highest score possible.

From an educational perspectibe Scrabble can be a great way of enhancing your kids spelling skills, but if you do intend to play it with children under the age of 10 then get a junior version.