Candy Land Board Game Coming To The Big Screeens

Candy Land Board Game Coming To The Big Screeens

The making of films around popular classic board games seems to be the way everyone is going at the moment. Just recently you’ll remember we announced that the Monopoly movie was coming in the next couple of years and that Hub have just announced the Scrabble television show and the Life board game television show.

The Candyland board game is a children’s board game based in “Candyland”, which is basically a land based around sweets, a little like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in many ways.

The Candyland movie is going to be written by Glenn Berger and Jonathan Aibel, two well known writers who are responsible for Kung Fu Panda.

The plot of this Candyland movie won’t necessarily follow every single aspect of the board game to the letter, the authors have been given artistic license to write how they choose. The one main theme of the game will remain though, and that’s that there are the main characters (played by children) who are looking for the lost king of Candyland on Gumdrop Mountain.

The Candyland board game has already made it to DVD back in 2005, it received less than favourable ratings on the IMDB

Are board game companies just going too far with all these movies? Are they just trying to capitalise on an already successful brand? This year Hasbro sales fell 15%, so board game sales are clearly not on the rise, a shame when you consider that most adults of the middle generation grew up with board games in the lives.