Build Your Own Board Game With Lego’s Heroica Series

Build Your Own Board Game With Lego’s Heroica Series

If you’ve been looking for something for the entire family which can brighten up your board game nights then we may have the perfect thing for you. Lego has recently released their own range of Lego board games which bring strategy, family gaming and customization all into a series of brilliant board games.

Lego has come up with a series of fun board games which provide a twist on the usual strategy board game we see in this range. The games provide the loved and well known Lego theme as well as the fantasy and strategy of games like Catan, Dungeons and Dragons as well as many more.

Before you even get going by playing your game you first have to build it from the hundreds of standard Lego blocks provided in the set. You can then construct the standard board, separate boards and a series of sub-boards which can all go together to make one massive game as well as many different combinations.

If you like Lego you are going to love the flexibility that these games provide, if you don’t like Lego then you’ll probably hate them but then you wouldn’t be buying them in any case. One thing you will love is the fact that these games are standard Lego bricks for the most part so if you want to customize your very own Heroica then you can. So the layout of the board can be changed along with the characters and the overall game play. You’ll find that no game is the same as before.

The rules of these games are simple and pretty easy to understand, so the games are great for the whole family to play providing your little ones are above the age of about 8.