Balderdash Board Game Reviews

Overall – The Balderdash Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 – Based On 1 Reviews.

The Balderdash board game is one of the fun and funky Triva board games which is perfect as a family game or for those parties where you have a few friends around and want to do something a little different.

In Balderdash each player takes it in turns to roll the dice and the one with the highest number becomes the “dasher”. It’s then time to let the bluffing begin, usually the person who can bluff the best about their word definitions will be the one to have the most success. As the game progresses each player tries to provide their own definitions for uncommon words presented by the cards in the game. If a player earns a point then they get to move forward, the quicker they move forward the greater the chance of them winning as the first one to the finish space wins!.

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