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The Bejeweled game is another online game which has been developed and released onto the market by the Popcap games company, the game company also responsible for the Plants Vs Zombies free online game.

The Bejeweled game is a puzzle game and it’s estimated that somewhere around 25 million copies of the Bejeweled game have been downloaded since it’s released back in 2001.

Try Bejeweled for yourself right now, 100% free.

The Bejeweled game was originally based upon a pre-existing game which had been previously available to download, the name of the game being Diamond Mines.

The game is a little like an electronic rubix cube. You’re required to play Bejeweled by swapping one gem out with another gem on the screen to try and form a vertical or horizontal chain of three or more of the same gem. When you form a line you are awarded points and those gems disappear allowing new ones to drop in. Additional points are awarded to the game if manage to get 2 rows of gems matched up next to each other or if you manage to get more than 3 gems in a row in any one swap.

The Bejeweled game is based on a timer to give it that extra edge over other games of it’s kind. It’s an increadibly popular online game from Popcap Games and it’s available to play for free.

Play Bejeweled online freeĀ here right now, or view the video preview below.


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  • windshifter said:

    Bejeweled i love this game, there are plenty of online games you can play today but you can’t skip this video game. Though very simple yet this is very entertaining.

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